Our Training Partners

Understanding the Benefits

Cultural Exposure

International placements immerse individuals in different cultures, allowing them to understand diverse perspectives and adapt to new environment

Professional Growth

Working in foreign markets challenges individuals to learn new skills, problem-solving approaches, and adapt to different work cultures, fostering personal and professional development.

Networking Opportunities

Building international connections expands one’s professional network and opens doors to potential future opportunities

Language Proficiency

Placements in foreign countries present the chance to improve language skills and enhance communication abilities

Researching and Selecting Opportunities

Assess Your Goals

Define your objectives for the international placement, such as learning a specific language, gaining experience in a particular industry, or exploring a different work culture.

Research Companies

Identify multinational corporations, NGOs, or startups that offer international placements in your field of interest

 Location Considerations

Research and compare potential destinations based on factors like language, cost of living, work culture, and safety

Preparing for the Placement

Acquiring Necessary Skills: Identify any skills or certifications required for the placement and consider enrolling in relevant courses or workshops

Cultural Familiarization: Study the cultural norms, etiquettes, and customs of the host country to avoid misunderstandings and cultural faux pas.

Visa and Legal Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the visa application process, work permits, and other legal requirements for working abroad.

Application and Interview Process

Tailored Resume and Cover Letter: Customize your resume and cover letter to showcase relevant experiences and your enthusiasm for working in an international setting.

Showcase Adaptability: Emphasize your ability to adapt to new situations and environments during interviews.

Highlight Language Proficiency: If the placement requires proficiency in a specific language, demonstrate your language skills during the interview

During the Placement

Embrace Diversity: Respect and appreciate the diversity in the workplace, valuing the different perspectives and experiences of colleagues. 

Learn the Language: Immerse yourself in the local language, whether through language classes or conversing with locals, to enhance communication and integration. c. Be Proactive: Show initiative and take on new challenges willingly, demonstrating your willingness to contribute to the organization’s success.

Be Proactive: Show initiative and take on new challenges willingly, demonstrating your willingness to contribute to the organization’s success.


Reflect on Your Experience: Take time to reflect on your international placement, the lessons learned, and the impact it had on your personal and professional growth.

Maintain International Connections: Stay in touch with colleagues and contacts you made during your placement, as they can be valuable resources in the future. 

Leverage the Experience: Incorporate your international experience into your resume and job interviews to showcase your adaptability and global mindset


We conduct training programs that helps individuals and teams learn, relearn and adapt new skills – be it in the area of technical knowledge or soft skills like self-management, inter-personal or customer as well as team management skills.

What inspires us and keeps us going is the belief that someone, somewhere is making a small yet significant decision to change, to up-skill & to grow, and we are proud to drive that change through our programs

So seize the opportunity, and embrace the world of global career exploration!